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Apartments & Condominiums

A large part of our business is in the multifamily and condominium real estate sector. We work on Class-A luxury communities to create beautiful spaces to live.  We also tackle older single-family or multi-family properties (or properties that have been neglected or not maintained) that need minor repairs or that need major renovation, revitalization and stabilization to become welcoming, safe and functional living spaces for residents.  We have the experience, skills and teams to meet your rehab, renovation or remodeling needs!  From in-depth feasibility and inspections, bids, scope-of-work contracts, before-after photo documenations, we plan with your team to address safety issues, budgets, permits, code compliance and quality finish-outs on a reasonable time-schedule.  We're here to help make your property productive and attractive!  We focus on creating a positive, environmentally responsible and functional investment and environment for residents, managers, owners and investors.

Residential & Single-family Homes

We have extensive experience in remodeling, rehabbing or repairing existing homes after fire, water, hail or wind damage. We do new construction, as well as remodels. From floor to roof, interior and exterior, we do it all!  Contact us to discuss your remodeling, repair or building needs...no matter the size of the project.

Corporate Offices, Parking Structures, Commercial

Need an office remodel, reconfigure or add-on?  Need a feasibility walk-thru to assess costs of repairs or renovations?  Contact us today to discuss your construction or remodeling commercial or office needs!